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Drake Ideas

We're lying. It's not like that.

While it would be nice if divine intervention struck us more often, we've found that the best — no, the biggest — ideas come from ten percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration. It takes work. That means research, interviews and site visits — we literally move into your environment and get to know it like we know our own home. That's what it takes. So, that's what we do.

Drake Ideas is The Drake Company's creative services team. We're the ones with the "Big Ideas" that make products move from the shelves, into your customers' hands and out your retailers' doors.


We make displays that stop people in store aisles faster than a sprinting ninety-pound chemistry student against a 400-pound All-American. And we're experts when it comes to working with retailers. So, not only are our ideas creative, they're compliant. Imagine that.

In short, we think outside the box. Way outside. So while everyone else is looking at packaging and displays within the same four walls, we're busy knocking them down. It's constructive destruction of the status quo. Call us and let us show you what the "Big Idea" really is.

Drake Ideas
1401 Greengrass Dr.
Houston, Texas 77008



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